Our Community is extremely important to us. We'd love for you not only to join us for our quarterly fundraisers to discuss the path of the program, to raise essential funds, and to have a little fun; we'd like for you to also join us around town throughout the year in engaging with the various businesses that allow us to thrive. Your donations are greatly appreciated, and the community you've helped create is truly an invaluable commodity within the lives of our players.
501(c)(3) nonprofit Tax ID# 46-3770431 CLICK HERE TO RSVP Make a tax-deductible donation

date: March 12, 2022 | 7pm-8pm
location: Sport Axis
Dress Code: Players must wear jerseys
To-do: Win 3pt Contest Points at Sunday Workouts
Purpose: Picture Day (Buy Prints)
Activity: Team Intros
Fundraiser: 3 Point Contest
Sponsor: Lifetime Fitness Gym
Host: Events & Catering
Organizer: 5280 Photo Booth
Fitness Gym
Affiliate TBD
Events & Catering
5280 Photo Booth
date: June 4, 2022 | 12pm-2pm
location: House with pool and court
Dress Code: Swimwear or Casual
To-do: Print Pledge Form, Bring potluck item
Purpose: Team Captain Assigning
Activity: Pool Party Potluck
Fundraiser: Free Throw Contest (Book Spot)
Sponsor: Roots
Host: Horde Strength & Conditioning
Organizer: Kolton Peterson - Shooting Guru
Kolton Peterson
Shooting Guru
Laura Asbury
Sports Nutritionist
Elvis Cinemas
Movie Theater
date: September 11, 2021 | 12pm-2pm
location: Coach Jon's House
Dress Code: Casual
To-do: Elite Team Eligibility Form
Purpose: Jersey Sizing
Activity: Meet n Greet
Fundraiser: Book Auction (Print Bid Sheet)
Sponsor: Laura Asbury - Sports Nutritionist
Host: Elvis Cinemas
Organizer: Huntington Learning Center
Learning Center
3D Vision
Eye Care
Breakfast Joint
Physical Therapy
date: Dec 12, 2021 | 1pm-3pm
location: Sport Axis
Dress Code: Semi-Formal
To-do: Check Current Top 50 on Roster Page
Purpose: Awards Ceremony
Activity: Carpool Challenge
Fundraiser: Raffle (Buy Tickets)
Sponsor: 3D Vision Eye Care
Host: Snooze
Organizer: Synapse - Physical Therapy

501(c)(3) nonprofit Tax ID# 46-3770431 CLICK HERE TO RSVP Make a tax-deductible donation
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