Fill out our Job Application if you'd like to coach or help out within our organization. The local teams average 5 games per month with no practice obligations. Our elite teams play a lot more and have 2 practices per week. All players may workout 5 days per week, but the local team coaches do not have to attend those events.
4 days/week, and private sessions throughout the week. The pay is $1,000 per month, free rent, free food, and 75% of private session profits.
Events, bookings, travel plans, book sales, customer relations. Free rent, free food, and 75% of book sale profits.
Videography, Livestream host, Preschool coach. Free rent, free food, and 75% of 3-6 year old profits.
Elite Team Coach
Elem, MS, HS - 7 days/week, plus 5 travel tournaments. $1,000 per month.
Local Team Coach
1st thru 12th - Weekend games; optional workouts. $100 per month.
Shooting Guru
5 hrs/day, instruction and shooting challenges. 75% of shooting session profits.
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