Use our Market page to donate money to the program, to adjust your recurring payment profiles, and to buy gear. Please note that we only deliver purchased items during our quarterly parties to reinforce the notion that everything in life must be earned (even if only through patience). At these events, you may also purchase items in-person with cash, debit, or coins earned. The one exception is our textbook, which will be delivered directly to you.
  • Article I // Use coins to buy gear at our quarterly parties. Elite teams need gear to avoid runs.
  • Article II // Coins may be purchased for $50 or bulk discount via cash or card.
  • Article III // Coins may be earned by winning MWF's 1on1 (top effort vs random).
  • Article IV // Coins may also be earned at our clinics, combines, and camps.
  • Article V // Annual Top 10 attendance leaders win extra coins at our December Awards Ceremony.
  • Article VI // Elite team members earn coins by attending events.
  • Article VII // Our highly-secure coin reserve is limited, so each coin is fairly rare.
  • Article VIII // Each coach is given one coin per month to distribute at their discretion.
  • Article IX // Captains are given one coin per tournament to bestow to a player of their choosing.
  • Article X // Sunday shooting sessions offer an optional chance to gamble a coin to win more.
  • Article XI // Around Easter, coins are hidden for lucky players to find.
  • Article XII // Coins may be used to excuse tardiness for games or practices.
  • Article XIII // Players may gift or trade their coins amongst each other for any reason.

Purchase our daily curriculum for $150, or pay just $50 for the abbreviated monthly version. Each book contains a grade-specific dose of our daily itinerary, quotes, motivational stories, monthly sports movies to watch, autonomous challenges, and an index of every drill we do. The more books you buy, the greater the discount. There's an entire 1st-12th grade series!